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segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

Psypunisher - How to knife a Camper!

segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

Trailer - Modern Warfare 2 (call of Duty) - "Punishment"

Trailer for my 1 montage!

quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2009

Bath Time

Observations of the mysterious obvious

Incredible how taking a bath can really leave one so distant from the rest of everything. It’s just you, the water and a car or two passing by outside. Incredible too is how I just don’t fit in the bathtub anymore (too tall, not too fat!) and the weird sensation that im going to get my notepad and pencil wet. Its strange writing with half my body surrounded by water, but quite nice. Its seems like time stops as one lies here in the tub looking at its naked self…but really time plunders deeper into its routined self, leaving one with a sensation of peace and well being, if not lonely and depressing. The way the body disfigures under the water, and the water passes from hot to warm, warm to cold, slowly, just as slow as we think time is passing by. The ripples created on the surface of the water as one raises their wet and damp hands from the bottom surface of the tub. Nice thing about this water that makes the experience even more divine and self relaxing is that it’s not any water you’re bathing in, it’s your own personal water, infected and corrupt with you. The water grows lighter when one leaves it and grows shorter as the body mass moves out. One thing that interrupts one are the echoing voices from the tv close by, but even they help to create such a unique ambiance. Slowly moving ones body creates gentle waves that come and go, circulating the hot water by the feet, to the back and neck. Unique noises form as one lifts a foot and dives it into the warm water once again. The hairs on the body and head drift gently in the water as if seaweed they were and instantly stick on the body when it leaves the watery domains. It’s easy to say that there are good things in life even when you just have a bathtub and running hot water.

*All DeadLurtz creations are simple written and are best experienced when drunk or high. The author highly recommends being in either both states before reading and most importantly the reader must be in a very specific state of mind to fully experience the deepness of the texts. Answers will unravel uniquely to each reader for readers will take their own explanations and answers from their thoughts.

quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2007

oh my GOD.....???!!!!!

Well, well… is not god, I know… the son of god JC boy… (but what the hell is the same shit for me)

God… I hate him… well not specifically him… its more the bullshit around this…. Come on Fuckers… can you really believe exist something out there????.... That is fucking “lol”… actually with all the knowledge in this world... and you still believe this losers stuff… You need take a red pill and “Wake up”… God is a simple Humanity invention to control the world…but if you cant accept that go and eat your bananas… and keep believing “God” will pay your bills…yeahh I like JC… WITH POTATO AND KETCHUP!!!!!....i can keep typing all night about this… but go and google this… I don’t have patience to make you less ignorant, and believe whatever you wanna believe …

P.D. Not enough hate??? Well lets send a lot porno shit(better “lolitas” pics) to a priest home… and in the next day send letters to the police… saying the priest of your neighbourhood is a Fucking porno addict bastard … and just enjoy the show…

segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2007

Old People

Old People….. Well what can I say about this???.... Come on… you know it… you hate them too, why? ´cause smell so bad, move so slowly (make me sick in the streets when I wanna pass), dance like trained monkeys… now you say “OHHH one day you will become old, and you will don’t like people talk about…bla bla… YOU KNOW WHAT???? I DON’T CARE, Im young…(Im not immortal but I hope the science can invent something for people become immortal (well, not all people I don’t wanna see some stupid dudes in all my fucking eternity, so lets the “Immortality just for people with a “High Importance”)…well, back in the point…the old people are a pain in the ass for governments too (why I said too ´cause “Homeless” are a pain for government….). So the “OLDISH DUDES” receive a 9/10 Hate for me… equal to a slow and painful dying with hungry ants, plus take the feet nails with a clamp…and remember “Less elders… more money for everyone Younger”

P.S. Just think about it… we have to work and some of our money go to this old people, They receive discounts in almost everything… so don’t get soft.

sábado, 1 de setembro de 2007

Homeless…. If exist something, I hate, are this people (if we can use this term)… why exist??? Well the answer is simple…. Losers!!!!... Some dudes like “teticas boy” think i´m a bad person…. Who cares??? These individuals… smell really awful, destroy private property and are a pain in the ass for governments… but hey im not a Fascist!!!!!! I don’t wanna kill em all (well maybe a little) just take the bastards Homeless and put this people to do something productive!!!!!!!..come on, you think I am a bad person???? Think again… when you see this people in the streets you turn you head to the other direction… Ignoring people is the worst thing, people can do….this times no Boss coming… but I wanna play Resistance online…. So don’t forget… “No homeless…..paradise streets”

P.D. Not enough hate??? Well… that people can eat everything, so lets put some laxative in food and give to them!!!!!! And wait for enjoy the show!!!!!...

sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2007

Stupid Clowns…I always hate this “THINGS”… the way the move… and act… I remember when I was a kid… Just the presence of a clown, make me so anger and fuel of hate… I just imagine the Clown’s Head falling apart on the floor, watch him die in a bloodpool…and put those stupid balloons in his ass…well boss coming… no time for more bullshit…and remember “for each clown dead ten little kids happy”